What is Prevented Ocean Plastic?

by Greg Van Praagh

When launching our new range of raw dog food, we wanted to make sure we packaged it in the safest, cleanest and most convenient way, but also wanted to make sure we weren't using too much plastic. 

However plastic was our best option, it made tubs easy to stack in your freezer, kept the food clean in your fridge and keeps your food fresher and lasts longer. 

We wanted to make sure the plastic we use caused the least impact on our environment possible and was as sustainable as possible.

Based on this we found our perfect partners for this and we're so excited to be working with Prevented Ocean Plastics (POP)  to create a tub made from recycled plastic collected from coastlines across the globe. This plastic would have otherwise polluted our oceans. Our new tubs are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. 

The Prevented Ocean Plastics (POP) program is the largest of its kind, collecting plastic across coastlines that are at great risk from ocean plastic pollution. Over 1000 tonnes of plastic is prevented from polluting the ocean every month! 

They also work within communities to provide fair pay for all collections and provide many jobs across the globe for those working in their facilities, which are have the highest standard of cleanliness and working conditions. 

We're so pleased to be working with team and can't wait to see what difference we can make through using POP for our raw food tubs.