Margot's Wisdom

Read and be in tune in the canine world through the wise words of Margot.

Do dogs really need superfoods too?

Just like humans, dogs require a broad range of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and active – and many ingredients that are popularly touted as ‘superfoods’ can actually offer an excellent and rich source. It’s why Billy + Margot® includes several different superfoods across our product range - all of which have been specifically selected with dogs’ specific nutritional needs in mind. These superfoods include vegetables such as sweet potato and kale, as well as several fruits, including blueberries and cranberries. We also often include seeds, including flaxseed and chia seeds, and botanicals such as, ginger root and turmeric root, as well as the much-acclaimed coconut oil and Manuka honey. Our blend of superfoods is busting with antioxidants, phytonutrients and essential vitamins and minerals to promote optimal vitality and wellbeing. In addition, we also have a specific set of powerful superfoods that we refer to as our ‘foundation superfoods’. Each of these foundation superfoods are included in our entire food range, and include sweet potato, Manuka honey, blueberries, coconut oil and flaxseeds. By incorporating such wholesome and nutrient-dense foods in our products, we are able to help support skin and coat health, kidney health, joint health, digestive health, moderate inflammatory responses, as well as promoting improved memory, cognition and vision. What else goes into Billy + Margot® products? LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR INGREDIENTS >>...